The component kit and assembled kit it includes two A4988 drivers!

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This is one of the latest OnStep PCB designs of Howard’s.  Howard allows GDA to sell these PCBs as they do have a non-commercial licensing applied to them.

This PCB will only work with OnStepX. Which is the latest version of the OnStep family of software.

More information on this PCB can be found at these URLs.  Please read this information closely and this information is subject to change.

This is the power house OnStep PCB if you ask me.  It is all speed with two extremely fast Teensy MCUs and the W5000 for hard wired ethernet.

Here is a break down on the ESP32 vs. the Teensy

Processor MCU~Speed Memory Flash EEPROM/NV Hardware Timers Hardware– FP Math Fastest*- Step Rate
Teensy3.2 72 MHz 64K 256K 2K 4 x 32 bit No 71kHz
ESP32 2 Core, 240 MHz 512K 4M 4K 2 x 32 bit Yes 62kHz
Teensy4.0 600 MHz 1M 2M 1K 4 x 32 bit Yes 667kHz
Teensy4.1 600 MHz 1M 8M 4K 4 x 32 bit Yes 667kHz

This PCB will not have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.  It will have just networking over hardwired ethernet and serial connection via USB.  If you are looking for the fastest networking and fastest processing this is the PCB.

The Teensy 4.1 and 4.0 can be found on this website.  This is probably the most expensive PCBs also as the Teeny MCUs are about $80 alone.

If you are not in the USA and want me to sell/ship you the Teensy MCUs please contact me and i can arrange combined shipping for orders outside of the USA.  They are expensive.

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