Smart Hand Controller v2.0 +


The battery is not included in any of the kits.  You will have to find a local supplier. 37mm x 52mm x 10mm are the dimensions of the battery.  Howard has put together a great page of documentation.

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The new SHC2+ is Howard Dutton’s latest SHC design. It takes full advantage of the latest capabilities of the OnStepX SHC code.  In this version all of the major computer components are SMT.

You can choose from using it with the RJ11 6pin cable or you can power it with battery and connect to OnStep via Wifi.  You cannot do both at the same time.  Switching methods is a matter of uploading new SHC code to the MCU.  OnStepX has been optimized to work best with this PCB via ST4.  You may need to use a straight cable not a coiled cable.  Your mileage may vary when using ST4 power and data cable as the large OLED screen does use more power and has to be run on MIN contrast if powered from the ST4 port.  Battery power you will have not problems with power to run the larger screen.  If you want a tried and true SHC for wired ST4 use i would recommend this other product.

At this time you should be knowledgeable on how to flash the OnStep SHC code to the controller so you can setup the Wifi network the way you need to for your OnStep computer.  I ship this in WiFi mode connecting to the default OnStep Wifi network and using the default password.

There is a MH-CD42 charging module that you have to add to the PCB.  This way you can plug in the micro usb cable and charge the battery.

LEDs tell you the current status of the battery charge.

This version also has a spot for the BME280 sensor to monitor temperature, humidity and barometric pressure.  This data is very useful for dew heater operation and monitoring temperatures for astrophotography.

Additional parts needed if you purchase only the PCB:
PCB right angle switch
3.3volt buck converter to supply power to certain components.
OLED (1.3″ SH1106 or 1.5″ OLEDM015-2W-I2C)
MH-CD42 battery charger
3.7V 2000mAh Li-Po Battery

Additional safety notes: Do not use a NiMH/NiCad/lead-acid charger with Li-Po batteries! Also, do not abuse these batteries, do not short, bend, crush, or puncture. Never charge or use unattended. Always inspect batteries and surrounding circuitry constantly for any damage, loose wiring, or the possibility of short circuits. Always check polarity reverse polarity can destroy your battery, cause fire and death. As with all Lithium-ion polymer batteries and with any power source – they should be used by experts who are comfortable working with power supplies.

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