Authorized OnStep Dealer

The main creator of OnStep, Howard Dutton. Has chosen Gray Digital Arts as one of the authorized dealers of OnStep PCBs. We will be able to sell the open source GPL 3.0 licensed PCBs and his PCB designs that are non-commercial licensed PCBs. My son will also be helping me as he is looking for… Continue reading Authorized OnStep Dealer

The CGE Pro OnStep Kit got a write up

I would like to thank Benne for the article he wrote up on Cloudy Nights!  Again, I appreciate all of our customers support over the last year! Chad


GDA is proud to now offer a 2 year limited warranty on the CGE Pro kits that we sell! All of my previous customers are now grandfathered into this warranty starting from the original date that they purchased the kit. If you have any problems with any kit please contact us and we will do… Continue reading Warranty

Two Electronic Kits in stock

I am working on a new PCB to make production faster. In the mean time I have two more electronics kits in stock and I am working on building a third. Chad


8-7-22 Just an update on the electronic kits. I have 3 kits ready to go out the door, but i ran into a problem with the cable for declination. My supplier cannot source the cable i was using and now all of the alternatives they have sent are experiencing interference on the declination home switch.… Continue reading Update

4 More Electronic Kits

Update July 27th.  I am testing 4 more electronic kits now.  I need to work out any bugs and burn them in on my CGE Pro. I estimate they will be ready in 2 weeks. Chad

New inventory of electronic kit

I have been able to source enough parts to put together 3 CGE Pro electronic kits. I am currently in the process of final assembly and testing of one kit. I will be doing the same for the other 2 over the next two weeks. Again, thanks for everyone’s patience! Chad