CGE Pro OnStep Conversion Kit

Since Celestron has dropped support for their once flag ship CGE Pro telescope mount it is hard if not impossible to find replacement motors or encoders. The motors and encoders are also highly susceptible to failure. So I have ditched the coffee grinder motors that Celestron used and made a bolt on adapter to replace them with stepper motors. Along with the adapter I have made larger motor boxes. Now to drive these motors you cannot use the Celestron software/hardware.  What I have done is switch to an OnStep computer to drive the motors. It has taken me nearly a year of testing and designing the parts to accomplish with one main goal of not grinding, drilling or modify the CGE Pro.  You can just take the old motor and motor boxes off. Then bolt on stepper motors. If you want to put the old motors back on just unbolt the steppers and put them back on.

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