CGE OnStep Conversion Kit

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This is my new kit to convert the Celestron CGE mount to use OnStep with stepper motors.

The goal was to make a kit that requires no modification of the motor box on the CGE.  This was not an easy task.  Most people take a die grinder to the stock motor mount.    Instead i designed a entire new worm gear mount that a stepper motor can bolt too.  So now you can easily bolt on this kit with no modifications to the mount and put the stock lid back on the motor box.

I met that goal and now my beta testers have the final product on their mounts.  The reports so far are very very good!  Easy to install, super quite and with PHD guiding accuracy less then 1 arc second.

I will go over some of the details and features of the kit.


Custom made worm gear bracket and modified gearbox to get things to fit inside of the motor box and not modify it.

Here is a video talking about the steps to move the worm gear from the Celestron motor bracket to the Stepper Motor bracket and shimming the Worm Gear for the gear mesh you want for your mount.




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