8-7-22 Just an update on the electronic kits.

I have 3 kits ready to go out the door, but i ran into a problem with the cable for declination. My supplier cannot source the cable i was using and now all of the alternatives they have sent are experiencing interference on the declination home switch.

So i have more cables types on the way to try, but i for the most reliability i may have to run two cables up to declination. One shielded wire for home switch and one cable for motor wires.

Another note i am working on a new PCB design that will make it much easier for me to create the electronic kits! Now that i have seen the interest in this CGE Pro conversion kit i have invested more time into making things easier and more efficient to produce.



  1. I sent you two emails via the “contact us” button but have not heard back. Could you check that, please? Thanks.

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