First Enclosure Design For CGE Pro Computer

I have been working on an enclosure to hold an OnStep computer for the CGE Pro. I wanted ventilation for the stepper motor drivers and a clean design that will attach to the one empty side of the Pier Cylinder on the CGE Pro.

This is an initial drawing and i have a print testing on my CGE Pro now.

It is not water proof.. I don’t think you are really make any 3D print absolutely water proof, but any electronic board that is out in the elements I recommend and use a silicon conformal coating to protect it.


  1. Chad,
    Celestron support tech referred me to you as my declination motor is malfunctioning and celestron no longer supports CGE Pro. I don’t mind fixing my mount but based on your installing video your revision should be a no brainer. That’s why I am asking: Could you share any pointers or tips that a cocky jack of all trades master of none should be aware of? Too often Murphy’s Law interferes with my projects so I don’t want to ruin a successful renovation by being overzealous.

        1. Thanks again Tom! I just shipped two complete packages today. I am about 75% done with the current one i am building (3D printed parts and cabling). That will be yours.

          I am waiting on the MiniESP3 computer and a smart hand controller to fulfil your order. Then i need to test it and make sure everything works as it should. Please give me two weeks and i will keep you updated on the progress during that two weeks.


          1. Thanks so much. I ordered the motor conversion separately and paid for shipping for each. If possible can I save on shipping if you combine both orders? If not no big deal. Can you test out the electronics with the same motors that I purchased? It would be very reassuring to me that you were able to check the system altogether.
            Thanks again,
            Tom Layte

            P.S.: I have a Celestron Nexstar GOTO Fork mount 11″ fastar that I would be willing to dismantle for the cause If you would like. I didn’t have trouble with the motors on that mount but the slop was to much for photograghy. If you think their is a market for a conversion let me know.

          2. Yes i will combine the shipping and refund the difference.

            I will test everything together and ship once i have all parts tested.

            These CGE Pro conversions have been keeping me busy right now, but if a window opens i do like to fix and improve things like your Fork Mount.


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