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We received a new Smart Hand Controller PCB from Mike Sauve that has impressed us during testing over the last few months. It will be a great addition to our product line.

It uses USB C for its data and charging connection.  The switch on the bottom allows you to toggle between ST4 power and battery power. This switch effectively acts as an on/off switch, depending on the power source you have connected.  The 5 way backlit buttons are also a great addition for those dark nights of observing.

The power side of the PCB has shown exceptional performance. It can effortlessly run the OLED at maximum brightness when powered by the ST4, indicating no lack of power. However, it’s important to note that you still need a high-quality 5-volt supply. Therefore, it’s essential to use a reliable 5V regulator on your OnStep PCB to avoid any potential issues.

Overall, this new PCB from GDA’s customer is a significant upgrade, delivering excellent performance and increased flexibility. The switch between ST4 power and battery power adds an extra layer of convenience, making it a great choice for various applications.

Changes compared to the SHC2+ PCB:

  1. Longer board fits a larger case, allowing more features.
  2. USB Type-C support (power while on WiFi or ST4 and battery charging)
  3. Power from battery possible with ST4 connection (much more reliable communications because of no voltage drop on ground connection)
  4. Buck/boost converter (more reliable power when powering with ST4 cables)
  5. All ports (ST4, USB) and power push button accessed from bottom of board/case. 
  6. 5 way lighted switch pad 
  7. BME280 weather sensor integrated on board, located near connectors (OnStepX required)
  8. Potential to detect ST4 or WiFi (would require software changes to switch automatically)
  9. Battery connector reversed polarity to match more available batteries (follows convention for RC batteries)
  10. Change to FTDI FT231x USB/serial bridge, active with no other power, easier to set for 500 mA negotiation with USB 2.0/Type-A supply. (wider compatibility)

The PCB design is available here so you can learn more about it.


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