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This is one of the latest OnStep PCB designs of Howard’s.  Howard allows GDA to sell these PCBs as they do have a non-commercial licensing applied to them.

This PCB has both ESP32 MCUs directly on the PCB.  This PCB is one of the most SMT intense designs OnStep has.  This design is also ready to use the TMC2209 driver.  The components and fully assembled version includes two TMC2209 drivers.

This design is still considered Beta.  Howard myself and a few other have tested the design and so far we have found no problems or flaws in the design.  I will be ordering more, but they are an expensive PCB with all of this SMT work. It takes an investment to order these at a quantity.

This PCB will only work with OnStepX. Which is the latest version of the OnStep family of software and also considered beta.

More information on this PCB can be found at these URLs:

If you order an assembled version of this PCB i will include all of the code, libraries and setup i used to program the MCUs.  I also include a video of the initial testing and a short demo of the PCB in operation.  This is an example of a video i produced for a MaxESP3 with OnStep 4.24 loaded on it.

Case pictured is not included.

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