For the component kit and assembled kit it now includes two A4988 drivers.


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The MaxESP3 is the work horse of the OnStep 4.24 generation.

  1. Bluetooth (Android app only)
  2. WiFi (Access point and can join your home network)
  3. Home Switches for RA and DEC or Real Time Clock
  4. Limit Switch or PPS from Real Time Clock
  5. PEC
  6. Buzzer or Recticle Driver

What is on the DB9?

  1. Limit Switches
  2. PEC
  3. Encoders

What is on the 1/8″ plug?

  1. Limit switch (ring)
  2. Reticle driver (tip)

Bob Benward put together this amazing document to help describe and build the board.

If you order an assembled version of this PCB i will include all of the code, libraries and setup i used to program the MCUs.  I also include a video of the initial testing and a short demo of the PCB in operation.  This is an example of a video i produced for a MaxESP3 with OnStep 4.24 loaded on it.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 5 × 5 × .5 in

PCB Only, PCB Plus Components, PCB Assembled


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